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 In Lawn Care

Proper lawn care is crucial in keeping your yard looking nice
throughout the warmer months,
It is also a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather.
There are a lot of different elements to lawn care that people
usually overlook or may not even know of, some require more
time and work than others.

Daper Enterprises provides all these services at an
affordable rate by lawn specialists. Book your appointment
with us to get started today!

Mower Maintenance
Spring is here and its finally time to break out the good old mower again.
It is important to make sure that your mower is tuned and in good condition
after sitting cold for months on end.
We recommend checking the oil, air filter, and spark plugs and replace
whatever is needed.
If it is an older mower it is also never a bad idea to get the blades
sharpened especially if it hasn’t been done in a long time!
Last but not least it is important to fill the tank with fresh gas as stale fuel
can be harmful for the engine!
Pro tip: A cold small engine will be harder to start than a warm one, before
the first start of the year place your mower in the sun for an hour or two and
it should start much easier!

Spring Clean Up
This doesn’t need much of an explanation but over the winter months, there
will be a lot of debris buildup from the previous year in your yard, whether
that be leaves from the previous year or fallen branches.
If you take care of all of this before carrying on to the next steps the whole
process will be much easier!
We recommend grabbing anything large by hand before going over your
lawn with a rake until you feel that it is clear of most debris.

A very important step of having a healthy lawn is aeration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from a lawn,
decompressing the soil, therefore allowing it to absorb more oxygen, water,
and nutrients.
If you have a very dense soil like clay or even an area that is more often
walked on, you should consider aerating your lawn every year.
If you have a looser sand-like soil then it would be sufficient to aerate every
two years, but more never hurts!
Aeration is performed using a designated Lawn Aerator, all available
through Daper Enterprises.

Thatch is a layer of dead and alive grass shoots and roots from previous
Thatch is not always bad; it can actually help conserving moisture and
providing a source of insulation for the soil. But if you have more than half
an inch of thatch it can repel water, causing your grass to dry up and can
also attract unwanted insects.
The process of dethatching is simply removing this layer therefore allowing
water and nutrients to reach your soil more effectively.

Over-Seeding and Fertilizing
Over-seeding is very important when it comes to lawn care.
Although not necessary, extra seeding can help with filling in bare patches,
as well as create a thick layer of grass that will resist weeds with more
There a multiple different grass seeds all for different growing conditions,
we can help find the right one for you.
Distribute the seeds evenly over your lawn using a spreader. If you have a
larger property, using a push broadcast spreader will make this process a
lot easier.

If you pay proper attention to your lawn early in the season it will thrive.
Ideally this will involve watering daily especially in the first three weeks after
On top of just water, every 8-10 weeks we recommend using an eco-
friendly fertilizer.
This will boost your grass root development and help eliminate unwanted

It can be overwhelming knowing there is so many steps that help
make a great lawn, and that’s why Daper Enterprises is here to
It doesn’t have to be hard this year, give us a call and experience
the Daper difference today!

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