Core Aeration of your lawn

Core aeration is the process of digging thousands of small holes or pockets with the help of a spike roller to break the connection of the dead plant debris with the soil which otherwise makes it compact and stops the flow of air, water, and essential nutrients to the grassroots. Deeper the roots of the grass grow, more vigor and healthy look appears for the lawn. Breaking the compact layers using core aeration allows fast decomposition of soil matters which add to the organic content of the soil making it more fertile for the growth of the grasses. It also destroys the egg-laying sites of the soil-borne diseases, which may be caused by fungi or nematodes present in the undisturbed particles of the soil, to reduce the infestation of such diseases in the coming season. These dislocated cores of the soil break over time with watering, rains or lawn practices, and mix with the existing lawn soil adding into the fertility.

One common point to ponder is how to determine whether your lawn needs core aeration is the discretion of the expert at Landscape Maintenance Company near you! An expert will better know about the core aeration process and the time to carry it out on your grass turf.

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How core aeration helps your grass turf

Adjusting Soil pH

Pockets can be added with the acidic fertilizer to lower the soil pH to an optimum level for a healthy and better turf development. Such fertilizers reach maximum depth to be absorbed by the roots and make nutrients available to grasses for vigorous growth.

Enhanced Microbial Activity

Core aeration doesn’t let build ups thatch on your grass turf due to the enhanced soil microbial activity which decomposes the top layer of the soil.

Breaking Compact soil

Core aeration helps to break compact soil layers allowing free movement of air, water, nutrients, and light to reach evenly to all growing turf.

Over-seeding Environment

Core aeration can help create an environment in which over-seeding becomes easy as the pockets are more protected for moisture retention to give an optimal condition for new seed germination.

Surface runoff

Runoff of surface water reduces due to the pockets made through digging. These pockets hold and absorb water for a longer period. 

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