Thatch is simply the layer of dead and live plant debris including roots of the grasses, weeds, leaves and stems that slow down the process of growth by limiting the water and nutrients necessary for the grassroots. A thatch makes the soil more compact, filling the pores of the soil needed for aeration and allowing the water to reach roots level. Dethatching will help you restore your lawn growth by removing all dead and live plant debris creating a hindrance in grass germination and growth. Dethatching is generally done in the fall or spring to decrease the cropping competition between the old and newly planted grass seeds to promote their growth. Dethatching is normally performed using a powerful machine when your lawn has bad patches and is thinning out due to compact soil layers. Contact nearest lawn care expert at a locally owned and operated lawn care business based in South Eastern Manitoba, we make it a priority to give you the individualized and personalized attention that you deserve. With lots of experience in the industry, the professionals at Daper Enterprises make lawn care easy from a team you can trust. Experience the Daper Enterprises difference for yourself!

  • Dethatching Pack
    $119Starting At:
    • $119 - Up To 3,000 SQFT
    • $199 - Up To 6,000 SQFT
    • $289 - Up To 9,000 SQFT
    • $369 - Up To 12,000 SQFT
    • Dethatching Pack
    • First Mow
    • Dethatching
    • Thatch Removal
    • Light Debris Removal
    • Cleaning Garden Beds
  • Lawn Aeration Pack
    Silver Plus
    $49(Discount Price) Starting At:
    • Add Aeration + $49- Up To 3,000 SQFT
    • Add Aeration + $79 - Up To 6,000 SQFT
    • Add Aeration + $119 - Up To 9,000 SQFT
    • Add Aeration + $149 - Up To 12,000 SQFT
    • Core Aeration
    • Increase Lawn Health

How Dethatching Benefits your lawn

Moisture Absorption

The ability to retain and absorb moisture increases allowing for the healthy growth of grass in your garden lawn.

Fertilizer Efficacy

With the increase in water absorption, fertilizer reaches the root zone of grasses more easily and becomes more effective.

Effective Drainage & Water Saving

Dethatching allows for better water drainage, with no extra standing water on the surface of the soil, this increases the vigor of the grass.

Grass vigor

Dethatching helps expose the lawn soil and grasses to direct sunlight needed for the process of photosynthesis, properly nourishing the grass for a healthy and vigorous look.

Improved Soil Texture

Dethatching also helps in improving the texture of the soil by fast decomposition of the matter lying between the different layers of soil.

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