Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is the process of feeding your lawn grasses with the suitable nutrients and provide optimum conditions for the maximum benefit from these additions. Balanced fertilization gives your grass turf a soft and dark green look of a carpet and leaves a good impression for the owners about their aesthetic sense. A grass turf normally needs three types of major elements termed as NPK, representing Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash respectively, at different stages of the growth along with the addition of sufficient organic matter and micronutrients. A balanced pH is also desired for the plants to uptake the essential nutrients from the soil otherwise grass turf may not respond well even if sufficient nutrients were applied to the soil. To know the exact properties of the soil, for fertilizer recommendation or for soil pH analysis, contact grass fertilization experts at Daper Enterprises in South-Eastern Manitoba.

How grass Fertilization benefits your lawn

Deep root Development

Upon proper fertilization, nutrients will be absorbed by the roots of grass turf which will give rise to a strong, deep root system leading to the growth of healthy turf in your lawn.

More resistance against pest & diseases

Pest and diseases often attack grass turf that shows a deficiency of some essential nutrients. Healthy plants are more resistant to pest and soil-borne diseases and tend to withstand such problems.

Exploring the varietal potential of grasses

Grass fertilization is the best option to explore the growing potential of different turf varieties in your lawn. Best suit fertilization gives you more cuts and an awesome look in a shorter period.

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