Over-seeding in a lawn

Once you are done with dethatching and core aeration and still find some missing or bad patches in grass turf, it is time to over-seed your lawn with the fresh seeds of a similar type you were already growing in your lawn. This primarily happens due to the presence of several years’ old turf which loses its vigor due to the weathering effects that needs compensation by sowing fresh seed. The tillers of grasses survive from 45-60 days depending on the variety and climatic condition which need to be supplemented with over-seeding to have a decent growth year-round.

A lawn care professional can better advise you about the right time to over-seed by inspecting your lawn and recommending the best practices of over-seeding your lawn in low cost as offered by Dapper Enterprises, a lawn care & maintenance company near you in South Eastern Manitoba.

Advantages of over-seeding

Replacing old with new turf grass

Old turf grasses can be replaced from your lawn by following the continuous over-seeding process without making a major gardening practice, any hassle and at a low cost.

Saves Cost of Herbicides & Fertilizer

Over-seeding reduces the cost of herbicides and fertilizer as the newly emerged grasses have fewer needs of fertilizers and less competition with the neighboring grasses to survive. Moreover, fresh grass seeds have a minimum or no weed or herb seeds.

The lesser infestation of lawn diseases

Over-seeding uses holes to place new seeds in the lawn soil which destroys the host of the existing lawn disease, so the new plantation is less prone to be attacked by such insects and pest. 

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